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President’s Council

Intermountain President’s Council

The Intermountain President’s Council is a fundamental part of the Intermountain development effort. Volunteer council members work in partnership with the Development team to secure resources. Members have diverse talents; some can easily connect with others; some our natural salespeople; and some are distinguished experts in critical areas. All members are vital to fulfilling Intermountain’s mission. The Council as a whole represents the potential of properly connecting resources to exponentially increase Intermountain’s success in raising friends and funds.

President’s Council Members

Gerald R. Allen, Butte, MT
Wade and Georgina Allred, Las Vegas, NV
Brooke Amini, Bozeman, MT
Jaime Bailey, Helena, MT
Earl and Linda Bates, Bigfork, MT
Don A. and Becky S. Berglund, Bozeman, MT
Thomas E. Brown, Bigfork, MT
Schylar Canfield-Baber, Washington, D.C.
Loy Chvilicek, Helena, MT
Mary Dixon, Clancy, MT
Daniel R. and MaryAnn R. Fiehrer, Helena, MT
Patricia L. Floyd, Havre, MT
Dennis Flynn, Helena, MT
Bob and Peggy Gentry, Great Falls, MT
Sandra K. Hudson, Hamilton, MT
Ron Incoronato, Bigfork, MT
Susan C. Judge, Sun Lakes, AZ
Michael Kalous, Helena, MT
Pam Kampfer, Great Falls, MT
Teresa Kennedy, Bigfork, MT
Stephanie Knapp, Helena, MT
Rev.Timothy C. Lanham, Great Falls, MT
Don E. Loranger, Bigfork, MT
Maureen Maddio, Helena, MT
Berni McDonald, Somers, MT
Andy and Anne Miller, Bigfork, MT
Wayne A. and Rhudi F. Miller, Kalispell, MT
Keith R. and Rebecca A. Palmquist, Bigfork, MT
Mary V. Patterson, Bigfork, MT
Carrie Reynolds, Helena, MT
Phyllis Roberts, Billings, MT
Sue Roberts, Billings, MT
Donald T. Schapper, Whitefish, MT
Kim Scurry, Bozeman, MT
George L. Sherry, Missoula, MT
Jeneffer Smith, Belgrade, MT
Theresa Stahly, Clancy, MT
Marie Stark, Helena, MT
Betty Stroock, Bozeman, MT
Luana Sturtz, Great Falls, MT
Ruth Watson, Great Falls, MT
Chrissy Witham, Sidney, MT
Carol Zinngrabe, Irvine, CA

Available Resources

3240 Dredge Drive
Helena, MT 59602
Ph: (406) 442-7920
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