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Mental Health Fitness

By Daniel Champer, LCPC, Intermountain Clinical Manager of School Based Services The term “physical fitness” conjures up many different emotions and mental images. My mind immediately creates a picture of a bulbous nose, loud raspy voice, and a hyperactive whistle all encased snugly in a medium Gold’s gym t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts … Read more

School’s Out!!! Now What?

By Joelle Johnson, LCSW, LAC, Intermountain Project Director Summer vacation is an interesting thing.  Sometime around spring break, kids, parents and teachers alike start dreaming about a life absent of the morning routine and afternoon homework responsibilities.  The end-of-the-school-year craving for unstructured time demonstrates our children’s need to have a break from the routine of … Read more

No Reason to Lose Sleep

By Daniel Champer, LCPC, Intermountain Clinical Manager of School Based Services Deadened eyes stare.  Pasty skin shimmers.  Insipid tongues drool.  Listless arms dangle.  Guttural sounds emit.  Rancid odors waft.  Zombies?  Not likely. There are many more believable explanations for all of these ghastly manifestations.  Would you care to guess along with me?  Teenagers?  Parents of … Read more

What it Takes: The Challenge of Helping Emotionally Disturbed Children Heal

By Meegan Bryce, MSW, Intermountain Residential Director We all experience moments of keen awareness that there are certain jobs we could just never do.  For me there are many–hospice worker, accountant, politician–just to name a few. When I tell people about our work at Intermountain they occasionally say, “I don’t know how you do it.”  … Read more

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