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Big Sky Resort’s Commitment to the Children Continues!

By Jessica Karr, Intermountain Counselor

Another year of adventure has come and gone and the hearts of our children are filled with an abundance of joy as they remember with gratitude a day of fun and exploration up at Big Sky Ski Resort.

For 11 years now, Big Sky has graciously partnered with Intermountain to provide memories that will last a lifetime. From lift tickets to equipment rentals, free ski lessons, and the luxury of a reserved conference room, the staff at Big Sky has always gone above and beyond to create the ultimate experience for our more than deserving children whom seldom get these opportunities. Intermountain staff and children look forward to this trip every year and for most, this is an experience that they’ve never had before and may never have again.

As an organization that thrives on healing broken hearts through healthy relationships, this opportunity provides not only a fun day on the slopes, but also a non-threatening, trust inducing way to strengthen the bond between child and caregiver. It’s a blessing to see the fun and support shared within significant relationships, specifically when a child is in the process of learning to trust and can depend on an adult to keep them safe, to provide nurture, and who can delight in them.

As an employee of the home for the past five years, I’ve been blessed to hear many stories from both children and staff and I’ve seen photos capturing the most beautiful of moments. I have also had the opportunity to witness first-hand, the caring and supportive communication from all Big Sky employees toward our children and staff. What a wonderful place with wonderful people!

Beginning in March, I had the pleasure of working with Chad Jones, the Public Relations Manager for the Resort, to plan this years’ day trip. I was so impressed with his generosity, flexibility, and enthusiasm in hosting the event for us. We are also thankful for all of the employees who worked directly and indirectly with us to make this year as memorable, fun and as special as all of the past years. It is a very important day for the staff and children of Intermountain!

For all of the memories, all of the laughter, the moments where opportunities are given to teach something new, the opportunity to build trust, the staff at Intermountain humbly say, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU, AGAIN BIG SKY RESORT!

(Pictured Left: A string of Intermountain kids skiing down together in the vast wilderness of Big Sky!)



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