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Success Through Sensory Diets: How Sensory Processing Awareness Can Create Happier Children

By Michaela Parker, MOTR/L | Intermountain Occupational Therapist Just as your child needs food throughout the course of the day, he or she needs sensory input spread out over the whole day as well. A “sensory diet” is a carefully designed, personalized activity plan that provides the sensory input a person needs to stay focused … Read more

YOU Are Your Child’s Shining Star

By Pam Ponich, LCPC Intermountain Clinical Supervisor Abigail watched from behind the one-way mirror, amazed as her 10 month-old son Eli briefly explored the playroom, scurrying on all fours, picked up (and tasted) a few plastic blocks, then sat up and suddenly looked around. Realizing that his mom was nowhere in the room Eli crawled … Read more

In Just Five Minutes…

Ralph Yaeger, Senior Development Officer, Intermountain While the acronyms associated with any given specialty may save time and ink for experts in that particular field, they rarely provide either meaning or clarity for the layperson. Charitable giving vehicles associated with estate planning are especially notorious in this regard. In the category of charitable trusts, there … Read more

Time for Gatherings

Kimberly Gardner, MSW, LCSW, LAC Lead Clinical Supervisor, Intermountain Community Outpatient Services As the leaves fall to the ground and the frost begins to appear on the branches, we also begin our planning for the next few months and the holidays.   It seems that we’ve just gotten our fall routines down to a manageable system … Read more

The Autism Spectrum

By Dr. James Maxson Intermountain Psychological Services In recent years, Autism and, more recently, Autism Spectrum, have entered the common lexicon but for many there is still mystery about what exactly it means and how it is recognized and treated. Autism is a developmental neurocognitive disorder that is usually diagnosed in children and has been … Read more

It’s So Simple: The Developmental-Relational Model

By Elizabeth Kohlstaedt, PhD, Clinical Director Our treatment model at Intermountain is termed “developmental-relational.”   We seek to understand children’s behavior–even their most outlandish behavior–as expressing a developmental need.  That need may be for reassurance, for closeness, for attunement, for safety, for security, for specialness, for boundaries, for predictability, for being heard.   The healing way to … Read more

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