Co-occurring Addiction and
Mental Health Disorder Treatment

Intermountain recognizes that emotional distress and substance use impact each other. Two unique levels of care are offered for youth ages 12-18 with both a mental health AND substance use concern. The program blends mental health and substance abuse services to help youth and their families cope with the combined effects of both disorders.

Masters level, dually trained therapists with experience in mental health and substance use treatment provide individual and family therapy, and crisis management designed to help the child and family re-establish healthy coping mechanisms and trusting relationships. Treatment focuses on developing and maintaining motivation to make positive life changes.  A relationship based approach is used to support the youth in developing healthy peer and adult relationship skills.

Integrated Co-occurring Treatment (ICT) offers in-home therapeutic services to the youth and their family for 3-6 hours per week. The treatment is appropriate as a transitional service to sustain the youth and family after inpatient substance abuse treatment, as well as for youth who are at risk for being placed in inpatient substance abuse treatment.

Outpatient Co-occurring Treatment, (OCT) offered as community based outpatient treatment to sustain the child and family after intensive treatment has ended or for youth who are currently abusing substances and/or alcohol. It includes individual, group, and family therapy sessions at Intermountain’s Clinic, 3240 Dredge Drive.

Clinical Services Include

  • Initial clinical assessment of the youth’s mental health and substance use history, developmental history, family relational dynamics, strengths and needs;
  • Individualized services coordinated by the therapist and guided by a treatment plan involving parents and other supports available in the youth’s life;
  • Crisis planning and on-call crisis line 24-hours a day.
  • Minor-In-Possession Substance Abuse Education course available for youth up to age 21.
  • Payment sources include youth’s insurance, including Medicaid.  Other funding sources may be available including sliding fee.  Please inquire for financial assistance.

Intermountain Co-occurring Services
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Phone: (406) 457-4810
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