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Great Divide Mucker to Benefit Intermountain

What is a “Mucker”, you might ask?  A Montana Mucker course challenges participants with a series of natural and man-made obstacles that will leave folks completely covered in some of the cleanest dirt in the lower 48. The roughly three to five mile course is setup as a fun challenge, so figure on encountering some two dozen obstacles as you travel the route, including stream crossings, commando-style rope climbs, hurdles, cargo net climbs, slippery slopes and of course – mud, lots of mud.  Be prepared to slog, slide, jump, stumble and crawl before you reach the finish.  Muckers encourage engagement, teamwork, full-body movement and above all, a filthy good time.


The Great Divide Mucker will take place on Saturday, June 28th at Helena’s Great Divide Ski Resort and it is presented by Big Sky Organic Racing and Events in Missoula to benefit Intermountain. BSORE prides itself on its distinctive, high-energy events, its strong local relationships, and its deep appreciation for Montana and its people.  Everyone’s good time helps to support Intermountain and raise awareness of some of the important work we are doing with Montana children and their families.


We couldn’t participate in an event like this without a herd of helpful volunteers, and every volunteer earns $100.00 for Intermountain – just for showing up and pitching in!  Each volunteer also gets to run the Mucker for free! Want to get involved? Go to, and we will find a way to put you to work.  Bring a friend, your church or civic group, put on your grubbies, and come out to play!





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