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Intermountain’s 6th Annual Summer Roundup – A Night for Success Stories

Last month, more than 300 guests from across Montana celebrated the children, youth and families of the Flathead Valley at Intermountain’s 6th annual Summer Roundup.  Co-chairs Tom and Katie Brown (pictured) emceed the event while local talent, The Fetveit Brothers, entertained the crowd. The theme for the evening was “family” and that was reflected through the simple yet elegant décor, family-style seating and food service, and guests gathered around the dinner table to share conversation.  Several inspiring and personal stories were shared, including stories by Brooke Amini, President’s Council member and long-time supporter, and Jim FitzGerald, Intermountain CEO. 1010843

The live and silent auction packages offered family-themed experiences and were gathered and assembled by volunteers and supporters of Intermountain.  We are so thankful for all of our volunteers, sponsors, businesses, donors and supporters who helped make this evening a truly memorable night.  All of the money raised at this year’s Summer Roundup will stay in the Flathead Valley to support Intermountain’s services to local children and families.

We would like to share a menu of our Flathead area services and a bit about the children and families your support allows us to reach.  At Intermountain, our caring professionals rely on a unique relationship-based treatment to restore each child and family.

We would not be able to do this without your caring support – thank you for partnering with us!

Full Family Foster Care
Tristan was born addicted to multiple drugs and had no family placement options. Intermountain had a willing and capable foster family that was immediately available to care for Tristan while his parents focused on getting themselves better so they could be the parents that Tristan deserved.
Providence Home
Anna never knew her father and was raised by a mom who struggled with alcohol and always had a new boyfriend around. More than one of these men abused Anna. Eventually, Anna was taken from her mom by Child and Family Services. After having suffered so much emotional and physical trauma she is now at Providence Home learning to trust adults and other children so that she can someday have a permanent family and break the cycle of abuse and

Child & Family Therapy Clinic
Ian was struggling to fit in at school. He was angry and a loner and felt like he had no friends. His grades plummeted. His relationship with his mom, who was working two jobs to provide for Ian and his two sisters, was strained. Ian began seeing a therapist at Intermountain who was able to help him understand why he was having these emotional struggles and give him the tools to deal with his anger. Now he’s back on track academically and has restored friendships. His mom even reports that he is now helping around the house.

Family Based Services
The Jacksons struggled to parent in a healthy way and were on the verge of losing their son and daughter.  The kids met with an Intermountain therapist, but they needed more than their hour long therapeutic session. The whole family needed therapy.  Intermountain’s in-home treatment coordinator began working with the family, providing skilled treatment to help elevate family learning and functioning. The Jackson’s are now better skilled in parenting, and they are providing a more stable and cohesive family life for their son and daughter.




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