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FOT History

The History of Festival of Trees

Festival Themes Throughout The Years
1st 1988 Birth of a Tradition
2nd 1989 Festival of Trees
3rd 1990 Visions of Sugarplums
4th 1991 Babes in Toyland
5th 1992 Christmas Around the World
6th 1993 Winter Wonderland
7th 1994 Make Spirits Bright
8th 1995 Through the Eyes of a Child
9th 1996 Love, Laughter and Dreams
10th 1997 The Wonder of It All
11th 1998 The Music of Christmas
12th 1999 Turn of the Century Past, Present and Future
13th 2000 An Enchanted Forest
14th 2001 Home for the Holidays
15th 2002 A Tradition of Hope
16th 2003 Wish Upon a Star
17th 2004 That Christmas Feeling
18th 2005 Let It Be Christmas
19th 2006 A Rocky Mountain Christmas
20th 2007 A Season of Hope
21th 2008 Music, Magic and Light
22th 2009 100 Christmas Miracles
23th 2010 Celebrate the Wonder
24th 2011 Black Tie, White Christmas
25th 2012 25 Years of Tradition
26th 2013 Over the River and Through the Woods
27th 2014 Baby It’s Cold Outside
28th 2015 Christmas in the High Country
29th 2016 Vintage Christmas Market
30th 2017 Christmas In New York
31st 2018 Cowboy Christmas
32nd 2019 The Sparkle of Hope
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