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With a focus on advocacy, awareness and accelerated learning, Intermountain is dedicated to offering quality education opportunities for parents and professionals. Our training opportunities feature executive staff as well as nationally recognized speakers.

Circle of Security Parenting Classes:

The Circle of Security is a relationship-based parenting program developed by clinical professionals over a period of 20 years.shutterstock_260432420

  • Provides parents with a practical road map to understanding their children’s needs as well as a guide on how to get there.
  • Minimizes the shame and blame cycle and teaches parents reflective functioning.
  • Builds on strengths without ignoring the struggles.
  • Can only be taught by a trained facilitator.

Why would parents be interested in Circle of Security Parenting classes?  At times, every parent feels lost or without a clue about what our child might need from us. Imagine what it might be like if you were able to make sense of what your child was really asking, really needing from you. The Circle of Security® Parenting™ program is based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened.  The class teaches parents to recognize what their child needs from them on a daily basis and how to respond in a helpful way.

During the class parents learn about their child’s emotional world and how to help their child learn to manage their feelings.  This class honors parents’ innate wisdom and desire to be the best parents they can be, by looking at struggles that parents may or may not be aware they are having.  By helping the parent not only help their child, but also help themselves, they are carving a path for the child to have better self-esteem, feel more confident and have healthy relationships as they grow.

Who should come? A parent of a child of any age! One of the principles of Circle of Security is that it’s never too late to make a change and have a better relationship with your child.  The curriculum was developed with children ages 0-4 but the concepts work for all children!

Currently we are offering one-on-one training with one of our Circle of Security registered clinicians.  Please call 442-7920 for more information.

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