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A Disciple for Intermountain

John Watson

A Disciple for Intermountain

This is a fact. If you somehow end up riding with John somewhere in the state of Montana, odds are that at some point along the way you will end up in Helena, at the top of Lamborn, touring Intermountain. John has done this many times over the years with work associates and friends. John’s enthusiasm for Intermountain spills over into every facet of his life. Among John Watson’s gifts as a Board member is his effectiveness in communicating what Intermountain does for children. Here is just an excerpt of something he recently wrote about Intermountain’s work:

“Liz (Kohlstaedt, Clinical Director) states that most children’s causes deal with kids who react abnormally to normal circumstances. And the cure lies in knowing more about the abnormality. Our issues are with kids who react normally to abnormal circumstances, it means that you and I would be just as sick as they are if we were raised in the same way. But what else it means is that the cure is not a matter of scientific advancement. It is matter of public will.”

John has served on the Board since 2004 and was recently named Board President in Spring 2011. John and his wife Ruth have always been generous in their support of Intermountain, and were among the first to make a legacy commitment through their estate plans for the Legacy Campaign. In anticipation of the Comprehensive Campaign, John and Ruth made a commitment over a period of years, doubling what they are already doing on an annual basis.

In addition to his significant involvement as an Intermountain Board member, John is also very involved at First Presbyterian Church in Great Falls.



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