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Grant Helps Childrens Organization Build a Permanent Home

(From Montana Public Radio News)

“A child welfare organization is growing in the Flathead to meet the needs of kids in crisis. Helena-based Intermountain opened Providence Home, an emergency children’s shelter in the Flathead four years ago. A 4-hundred-50-thousand-dollar Community Development Block Grant takes the organization a big step closer to making the Home permanent. The Grant is federal funding awarded to the states, and dispersed locally. The Flathead County Commissioners sponsored Intermountain’s application for the funds to build a home on property the non-profit owns in Somers. CEO of Intermountain Jim Fitzgerald says they’ve been renting space for the home.

‘One time we had a house kind of sold out from under us, another time we had to downsize it a little bit and get more of an appropriate facility. So, this is actually our third time, and it’s quite disruptive to have to moves, as well as difficult to find a secure place,’ Fitzgerald said.”

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