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Occupational Therapy Summer Camp Dream Realized

By Jerilyn Leece, MOTR/Licensed When Lisa Sommers, certified occupational therapy assistant (COTA), was first interviewed for her position at Intermountain, she was asked the question “What is your dream for this department?” Having been a COTA working for the school district for the previous 15 years, Lisa had been saddened by the fact that many … Read moreOccupational Therapy Summer Camp Dream Realized

Self-harm and Other Scary Behaviors

By Intermountain Chaplain Chris Haughee, D.Min, M.Div. Cutting. Self-harm. It is a phenomenon much more common today than twenty-two years ago when I entered children’s and youth ministry. It’s certainly not uncommon behavior in the emotionally disturbed children that Intermountain works with. That’s why I want to share a little with you from a conversation … Read moreSelf-harm and Other Scary Behaviors

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