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Intermountain’s receives a $10,000 gift from Gallagher Foundation

The development of online courses is part of Intermountain’s comprehensive Permanency Program. The Gallagher Foundation, a long-term donor of Intermountain, is the newest financial supporter of the Permanency Program; joining our other major donors, The Gilhousen Family Foundation and the Ila B. Dousman Fund.

As part of Intermountain’s ongoing efforts to improve the lives of families affected by abuse and neglect we have developed online educational opportunities for families and affiliated professionals. Working with consultants an education tool has been created which will reach more than 108,000 students, parents and professionals in Montana.

The courses influence the long-term thinking and methodology of future mental health professionals to restore hope for traumatized children by strengthening the treatment and support they and their families receive.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s 2007 Child Maltreatment Report, more than 794,000 children were confirmed victims of abuse and neglect in the United States; 32 percent were younger than four years old. Knowing that these children need permanent homes, this extensive training will help ensure that their parents are prepared and successful.

Intermountain is a nationally recognized Montana non-profit specializing in nurturing, therapeutic environments for children under severe emotional distress. They integrate relationship-based treatment and sound clinical discipline to assure a permanent family for every child. Intermountain has been serving the needs of children and families since 1909.



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